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Irrigation Systems

Water is artificially applied to the soil by a variety of tube, pump, and spraying systems. In regions with erratic rainfall, dry spells, or potential drought, irrigation is frequently used. There are many kinds of irrigation systems, where water is distributed evenly across the entire field. Surface water from rivers, lakes, or reservoirs, groundwater from springs or wells, and even water from other sources like treated sewage or desalinated water can all be used for irrigation. Therefore....

Techniques for Irrigation

The irrigation process used in this method is manual. Here, a farmer uses his own strength or that of his cattle to draw water from wells or canals and carry it to his fields. Different regions may use a different approach. This method's primary benefit is that it is inexpensive. But the unequal distribution of water reduces its effectiveness. Additionally, there is a substantial likelihood of water loss. The pulley system, the lever system, and the chain pump are a few examples of traditional systems. ....

Importance of Irrigation

A lack of rain or rain that is unpredictable has a negative impact on agriculture. Low rainfall results in droughts and famines. Even in areas with little rainfall, irrigation helps to enhance productivity. Compared to unirrigated land, irrigated land has a better productivity. In India, several crops are not feasible because each location has a different rainy season. However, cultivation is possible all year round because to the climate. In the majority of the country, ....

Irritech Engineers

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