Welcome to IRRITECH

Welcome to IRRITEC



Cleaning Equipments

The finest outcomes come from using an anti-clogging, line maintenance flush, and stain management product especially made for cleaning irrigation systems. For instance: Royal FlushTM is a product made to unclog emitters and be used with low volume irrigation systems.

Iron and calcium stains are controlled by Royal Conditioner TM, which also contains a water conditioning agent. Non-corrosive line cleanser F-239TM that also eliminates irrigation stains. Irrigation stain control and line cleaner: Water Conditioner TM.

Drip Irrigation

Experience efficient and water-saving agriculture with our Drip Irrigation service. Delivering precise water distribution directly to plant roots, our system minimizes wastage and maximizes yield. Cost-effective, eco-friendly, and tailored to your crop’s needs.”

Irrigation Sprinkler System

Experience lush landscapes with our irrigation sprinkler service. Precision-designed systems, expert installation, and efficient water distribution ensure healthier, vibrant gardens. Trust us for sustainable solutions that conserve water and enhance your outdoor spaces

Facility Services

Our team of experts is trained to carry out all duties to maintain the overall impression of landscaping, keeping your facility lush and welcoming throughout the year. Our crew works hard to keep the environment in good condition so that it enhances the experience and harmonizes with the building. At Pristine, we provide effective horticulture and landscape management services with a focus on the following:

Pest treatment, tree and shrub care, flower care, pathway maintenance, parking lot maintenance, and all-season, environmentally friendly programs for turf management, mowing and hedging, and interior plant maintenance.

Irritech Engineers

Take your operations to the next level with India’s top provider! We specialize in selling high-pressure cleaning equipments, We’re also experts at running and maintaining drip, sprinkler, and irrigation systems for businesses and government sites. Upgrade your operations with us.